Dr. Bekele Debele

Dr. Bekele Debele is a Senior Water Resources Specialist at the World Bank. He has over fifteen years of experience working on subjects ranging from water resources management, water supply and sanitation, irrigation, desalination and renewable energy to climate change impacts on water and agriculture sectors. Dr. Debele has published extensively in peer-reviewed journals and also has authored chapters in several books in similar fields.

Before joining the World Bank, he had been working in academia and private sector in Ethiopia, Ireland, and the U.S. While at the World Bank, Dr. Debele has worked in many regions, including South Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Middle East and North Africa. He has worked on, and led, many technical and policy oriented studies and projects in over 20 countries. Over the last two years, Dr. Debele has been leading a MENA Region wide flagship study on desalination and renewable energy nexus.

Papers Submitted:

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