Enid J. Sullivan

Enid J. (Jeri) Sullivan received her PhD in hydrology from New Mexico Tech in 1997. She also holds an MS in geochemistry from UNC-Chapel Hill and a BS in chemistry from the University of Virginia. Her current work includes the geochemical evaluation of water and media for growth of algae for biofuel production; experimentation for and design of water treatment methods for removing silica and organics from contaminated waters prior to use or desalination; and system model development for treatment and costs of water produced from Carbon Sequestration operations. She has over 12 years of expertise in adsorption and filtration water treatment methods for cleanup of oil and gas produced waters and the costs of treating these waters. Her other work includes statistical analysis of background groundwater chemistry on the Pajarito Plateau in northern New Mexico. She has worked as a chemist for radioactive waste characterization and disposal, hydrologic characterization and tracer studies, geochemistry of oil and gas industry disposal sites, salt-water contamination sites, and as an environmental consultant in characterization and remediation of air, soil, and water at hazardous waste and Superfund sites.

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