Khurram Nawab

Khurram Khan Nawab is an international business entrepreneur, green technology and system developer, and the descendent of Kurnool Nawab. He has received considerable worldwide attention for his development and patents on solar lightweight metallic composite mirrors for both high concentration and low concentration mirrors under the brands Alubond Solar Collector Mirror and Alubond Booster Mirror.

Nawab has designed and developed unique concepts for a receiver tube in a parabolic trough system, a simple moving and tracking system for PV and CSP, and a unique PV platform system which uses the PV Modules with Booster mirror along with single axis tracking (giving more than 50% output compared with any system in the world). He has designed, developed, and manufactured the deep parabolic solar trough using lightweight solar metallic mirrors, which heats the HTF oil to 390° C . Nawab is currently working on the 100% pure solar desalination system that uses trough + Green pump + R/0 to produce fresh water from sea water, brackish water, sewer or industrial wastewater. The basic advantage is a low-cost, high-efficiency system which is 100% green.

Nawab is recognized as a pioneer in the field of green energy technology and system development. He's completed his degree in electrical and electronic engineering from India and pursued a double master in business administration and project management from the USA. Solar thermal and solar PV power projects are going on in different parts of the world in different sizes and different capacities using his patented technologies.

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